About Teracell

Teracell is a brand-new terminology in the batteries industry to describe the Super Battery developed by the founder of Teracell Power Sources Limited. Teracell is a revolutionary super battery which combines the unique characteristics of a Super Electric Capacitor (Rapid Charging and Discharging) and a Battery (High Power Storage). With its NiMH based chemistry and patented mechanical design, it is the FASTEST and SAFEST battery in the industry. We have already possessed over 40 patents, which cover from material science, manufacturing methods, equipment designs to quality inspection. Our products have been tested and approved by clients from various industries including container terminal & port, logistic center, telecommunication data center, hybrid vehicle, railway, etc. 




Teracell is proved to be the safest battery in the world. Due to our structure design, chosen well-developed chemical system, material used, we guarantee there is absolutely no explosion no combustion under any critical circumstances or incorrect usage. Below are the special features that contribute to its superior safety standard: 

  1. NiMH base

    NiMH is the most stable and well-developed chemical system. It is used as battery for many electric vehicle and proved to last at least 10 years. 
  2. Structure design

    a) Unlike the rectangular structure most large volume single cell uses, Teracell uses cylindar structure. Cylindar structure in addition to its double pressure relief valve, helps minimizing electric resistance to 0.3mΩ (referring to 37.5Wh/30Ah battery), which is the lowest in the field. 

    b) Battery case is made of metal which is capable of withstanding 100kg/cm2 pressure. Metal facilitates efficient heat dissipation.

    c) Special way of connecting batteries in series minimizes electric resistance and gives rise to its capability of tolerating large current above 2000A.

1. Allows over-charge and over-discharge


2. Capable of tolerating a wide range of charging large current and high voltage