About Us

TERACELL Power Sources Limited is a team of Hong Kong based battery expert specialized in energy storage system. With our 30 years of experience in the battery industries, we provide the best one-stop energy hybrid solution specialized for the heavy industry.

Our pilot manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen China, all machinery and equipment are proprietary and design / customized by our in house engineering team. Our production line are fully utilized to fulfill the demand of our customers from various industries. 

The “Belt and Road” is one of the most exciting global initiatives, with focus mainly on infrastructure-driven economic growth. TERACELL Power Sources Limited is focus on providing the best and reliable energy solutions to container ports, railway and terminals, logistic centers, power plants, and many other industries along the corridors and the maritime Silk Road.

In the 21st century, the need of sustainable energy technology and solutions is increasing. Apart from the economic values created, being a part of Hong Kong, one of the most advance and international city in the world, we actively take our social responsibility and committed to solve environmental problem and create a sustainable future for our next generations. We look forward to cooperating with all specialists, government sectors, NGOs worldwide to provide the best solution to the next energy crisis.