Applications - RTGC at container port
RTGC at container port

Due to globalization and the potential impact of “Belt and Road”, the numbers of container port are expected to grow rapidly. Energy e ciency and environmental topics become the major concerns. Ports are nding ways to reduce their operation cost as well as committing their corporate social responsibilities. As a result, many ports have already upgraded their RTGC to heavy hybrid system and Teracell is one of the major suppliers. In order to maximize the e ciency and performance of the energy storage system, we are developing a new series hybrid RTGC solution to the market. Other than RTGC, we are also expanding the coverage to other equipment in the Logistic and Port segment. 

Hybrid RTGC solution

With the current issues of high-level fuel consumption, excessive maintenance cost, pricy diesel gen set and poisonous gas emission, Teracell provides a heavy hybrid solution to solve the above problems. The result is excellent as it proves that over 65% of diesel fuel has been saved. 

  • Full energy capture
  • Full load on Teracell batteries
  • Ultra small inverter type gen set for charging